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Recently celebrating the centennial of her birth, Lena: A Moment With A Lady transports us back in time to remember, relish, and reveal the one and only, Lena Horne. 


Played by Syndee Winters (Hamilton, Lion King, Pippin), Lena uses words and music to relate the most pivotal personal and professional moments in her life. On a mission to share the truth, she unexpectedly opens the emotional crevices that have eluded her for years.


Recognized as one of the most influential African-American pioneers in entertainment, Ms. Horne shattered the color barrier in Hollywood, was deeply involved with the civil rights movement, and collaborated with the some of the greatest musical artists of the 20th century.  

"My life has been about surviving. It hasn't always been about music, but maybe you can hear it in the music." - Lena Horne



When asked, Why Lena? Why now? Syndee Winters replied passionately, "Why NOT Lena?! She was one of the first Pop Stars of all-time. She was featured on many films,records and graced many stages. She paved ways for artists of color, (like myself) to follow in her footsteps, and ultimately experiencing many obstacles so performers today wouldn't have to.

Ms. Horne was also an activist for the progression of people of color in our nation, primarily in the entertainment industry. I want my generation and generations to come to know and remember this passionate woman and her contribution to American life.


Lena: A Moment With A Lady will excite, expose, and enchant audience of all ages.




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